Article published in The Elmswell Newsletter - February 2015

Your Neighbourhood Plan Group is keen to talk to as many residents as possible as it puts together questions for the questionnaire which will form the basis for the Plan.

As part of this consultation, a programme of visits to village clubs and societies has produced some changes to the questionnaire and generated much interest as well as some searching questions, all of which will inform the Group's thinking as the Plan gradually emerges. Visits so far have include the Art group, evening WI, Carpet Bowls, Christians Together, Woolpit Health Centre, Millennium History Group, Village sports clubs, and Village youth groups. The programme continues,
and any group that may have been overlooked is welcome to be in touch and have their say.

The next Steering Group meeting will take on board all of the comments received and agree the final draft of 3 questionnaires ready to go to the printer. A general household questionnaire will go to all 1700 households, a business questionnaire will be distributed to all businesses in the village and a youth questionnaire will principally be circulated via Elmswell and Thurston schools.

The questionnaires are entirely confidential. They are administered by Community Action Suffolk and their soft ware allows for in-depth analysis. As the whole exercise is computer based, responses on line will be very much encouraged. Written responses will have to be manually inputted so that the system can handle them.

To encourage as many people as possible to have their say, there will be a draw for which everyone who responds will be entered. The prizes will be Co-op vouchers with the first one out of the hat winning £100.00. The group has a website - also accessible by scanning the QR code and general enquiries or comments are welcome at the email address

The group is made up of the following members who can all be contacted by email:

Peter (vice chair)
PC Neil
Sarah (chair)
Peter (secretary)

Wed 18 Mar 2015

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